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RWDI is one of the world’s premier sustainability consulting and technical services providers. Delivering expert guidance in all areas related to building science, we help clients design, maintain and enhance green projects around the globe, with an emphasis on optimizing the human occupant experience. Our unique combination of tools and capabilities address projects in every market sector, ranging in scale from small tenant improvements to major neighborhood developments – from initial visioning sessions and master planning to working on the tallest towers in the world.

RWDI is passionate about sustainable and resilient design, and merges that passion with decades of environmental and building performance experience to address climate change impacts on the built environment. We are committed to identifying practical solutions to specific climate change challenges, including developing sustainable business practices.

Further, we combine the world’s best climate insights and modelling with a robust understanding of the built environment to identify both the risks and opportunities for our clients, with a firm commitment to keeping pace with the rapid changes in sustainable building. 

Sustainable Design

The need for sustainable design, construction, and operation practices is increasingly facing rapid changes due to pressures from climate change creating a need for adaptation as well as mitigation, asset performance disclosure, and the rise of real estate as a globalized, mature asset class. RWDI is committed to providing support at any stage, from joining initial design meetings to shape sustainability goals for the entire project vision and thus streamlining certification, to verifying and enhancing the performance of existing buildings and supporting voluntary as well as mandatory reporting.

With experience on every continent and every climate, RWDI has been a leader in sustainable design for more than two decades.


RWDI has fostered a powerful combination of expertise and experience in commissioning, energy modeling, sustainability, LEED, and building enclosures. The result is a team of experts uniquely equipped with the tools needed to make sure every building we work on to achieves its full green potential. We leverage leading-edge testing strategies, modeling tools, and technical expertise to help owners:

  • realize the rewards of their design investments,
  • ensure the longevity of valuable equipment,
  • achieve significant cost-savings, and
  • meet their intended sustainability objectives.

Performance Enhancement for Existing Buildings

Existing buildings play a large role in climate change and sustainability, which is why we know enhancing their performance using field-leading tools is incredibly beneficial. With rigorous testing, the right tools, and a desire to understand client priorities, our experts deftly apply commissioning to existing buildings, leaving clients with a holistic picture of the building and its systems, as well as the capacity and insights they need to boost its performance. Our offerings, from existing building commissioning to ongoing monitoring, and our depth of experience, keep us firmly positioned as a leader in sustainability.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting

Businesses are being encouraged to engage in social responsibility reporting, including reporting on their social, economic, and environmental impacts to remain competitive and find recognition in the marketplace. Our team of experts is equipped with a thorough understanding of the many reporting framework options, allowing for an understanding of the best framework for your organization, and is perfectly positioned to develop your environmental impacts reporting as well as maintain CSR, ESG, and GRI reporting support and development.

Decarbonization & Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

An increasing number of businesses are setting climate change mitigation goals, including near zero emissions for new and existing building projects. RWDI’s team of experts is well-placed to support clients with these commitments to reduce emissions in their operations in an effort to align with the Science Based Targets initiative trajectory of 1.5ºC. Our team leverages years of industry experience to provide support with decarbonization planning, energy audits, as well as program and standard development to meet and exceed set goals.