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The Pacific Verde

Last certified on:
Certification level: Silver

Project info

Size67,759 sq ft

Nestled in the heart of downtown San Carlos, the 1501 Cherry Street project is a tribute to seamless sustainability, modern design, and smart home technology. The four-story structure is comprised of 34 timeless, private homes equipped with bright, airy open floor plans, top-of-the-line appliances, luxurious bathrooms, private balconies, and exceptional green features that work together in harmony to deliver an elevated standard of living. Those green features aren’t limited to just inside the home, the centralized location offers residents ease and walkability to a variety of stores, trails, and public transportation. The thoughtful design and location highlight Veev’s mission to deliver an exceptional living experience for all by zeroing in on innovation and sustainability.

Cherry Street has been carefully crafted using light gauge steel with a recycled content of 70% to provide superior strength and quality while generating a low carbon footprint. Additionally, Veev has achieved a waste diversion rate of 95.4% for its overall construction process. The homes come standard with ultra-efficient, low-voltage wiring and LED lighting. Every aspect of a Veev home is designed to not only be energy and cost-effective, but also provide residents with an elevated living experience.

A testament to Veev’s commitment to innovation, homes include Veev Digital Home, an operating system that serves as a direct interface between consumers and their homes. Rather than relying on standard home systems, Veev Digital Home provides unparalleled control, accessible from integrated control panels in every room and accessible via a smartphone app. With Veev Digital Home, consumers can adjust the lighting, temperature, fans, etc. at the touch of a button.

Built not just for today, but for the future, Veev homes are designed to meet the demands of our ever-evolving world. At Cherry Street, homeowners experience “Green Living.” Meeting the rigorous health, quality, and sustainability standards under the LEED® Green Building Program, homes include an ERV system that draws in anti-allergy, fresh air with a higher than required filtration; a moisture, fire, and pest-resistant environment; ductless and zone-controlled heating and cooling system; and water-efficient and drought-tolerant landscaping to ultimately optimize the overall home experience both economically and environmentally. As a result, Cherry Street’s total energy usage is 14% more efficient than what is required by code.

A home is often the single most important purchase a person will make in their life. It ought to be built that way, which is why, from the ground up, Veev approaches the home as a product. By controlling each aspect of the homebuilding process, Veev homes are built more efficiently, sustainably, and cost-effectively – without ever sacrificing quality. On a mission to bring exceptional living to all – people, planet, and pets – Veev continues to deliver, with the Cherry Street project as a prime example.