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LEED v4 Energy Update FAQ

The FAQs are a summary of the conversations we have had with stakeholders throughout this process.
LEED version: v4

Timing matters. Meeting the urgency of climate imperatives cannot only be accomplished by addressing buildings of the future. The buildings we build and operate today will have impacts that last for generations. This means that while looking ahead to LEED v5, the current versions of LEED must also move forward to address the urgency of the climate crisis. An update to LEED v4 was proposed on November 22, 2022, to reflect a focus on increased energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions reductions. This update raises the threshold for energy performance and provides a mechanism for specifically evaluating and incentivizing greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Note: These FAQs reflect the status of LEED technical development work at the time of publication. Refer to the LEED credit library for current credit requirements.

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