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Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Support Center | LEED Silver | Photo: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Support Center

LEED is the world’s leading green building project and performance management system. It delivers a comprehensive framework for green building design, construction, operations and performance. Learn more about LEED.

How LEED works

Certification includes a five simple steps:

  1. Determine your project type (new or existing space, building, or city or community). Review the rating systems
  2. Select priorities for your project based on outcomes outlined in the LEED rating system (ex. human health, energy efficiency, carbon reduction, etc.). Review priorities in the credit library.
  3. Review the tools and resources available for LEED projects. Access tools.
  4. Document achievement of rating system requirements and credits. Go to LEED Online or view sample forms
  5. Submit for review in LEED Online.

LEED performance score

Certification is just the beginning—once certified, track your performance data to ensure that you are getting the largest possible benefit and to communicate successes to investors and other stakeholders. Track your performance.

Access project tools

Top three tools every project needs

LEED credit library
The building blocks of LEED are the credits, and they’re all housed within our LEED credit library. Here you’ll find credit language, information from the reference guides and supplemental resources. Explore the credit library.

Addenda database
Addenda incorporate changes and improvements to LEED rating systems and resources to help clarify, correct, interpret or provide alternative language helping project teams better implement LEED. Search the database.

Guides to Certification
Understand the steps to pursuing LEED certification including the current policies, pricing and deadlines for each of the rating systems. Read the guides.

Other LEED project tools

Rating system selection: Find the LEED rating system and guidance that best fits your project. This included recommendations for the cases when more than one rating system applies. View the rating system selection guidance.

LEED reference guides: Visit the USGBC store to purchase the LEED reference guides.

Sample forms: Access the forms your project will use to document how you have completed credit requirements. View the sample forms.

Interactive LEED scorecard: The LEED scorecard provides information on the credits pursued and points earned by a LEED project. Our new interactive LEED scorecard helps project teams review and select the LEED credits, explore credit intents and get to know how many points you can earn on a LEED project. Use the scorecard.

Regional priority credit database: Find regionally focused LEED credits that apply to your project based on zip code. Search regional priority credit the database.

Pilot credit library: The Pilot credit library facilitates the introduction of new credits to the LEED rating systems. The process allows projects to test more innovative credits that haven't been through the complete drafting and balloting process. Access the pilot credit library.

Pilot credit registration: Projects may pursue an unlimited number of pilot credits; points are limited by the number of ID/IO credits available. Register to pursue a pilot credit.


Certification programs

Promote your project

Once your project earns certification, tell your building's story and showcase your achievement with LEED certificates, signage and a press release. Learn more.

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