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IES TaP for LEED® is an award winning secure online collaborative portal to enhance management of the LEED workflow. Use IES TaP to streamline, manage and inform those involved in the LEED Certification process.
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The beauty of IES TaP for LEED® is that it is really simple to use and with all of your project information stored online, you can reduce the amount of time required to deliver LEED certification as well as easily identify any issues that may mean you will miss your certification goal at a glance. The streamlined processes in IES TaP will save you and your clients a significant amount of time and money and ultimately empowers you to take on more projects.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with LEED Online and LEED forms
  • Visual project dashboard to see project rating and progress in real time
  • Assign team member responsibility for all documentation within a credit
  • Submittal documentation requirements are broken down and responsibility can be allocated to an individual document
  • Automatic email notifications keep the whole project team updated
  • IES TaP directly populates rating system documentation requirements from USGBC online credit library
  • Full Summary and Documentation reports are available at every stage
  • Use in conjunction with our other unique LEED Automation partner tools, the VE-Navigator for LEED® or VE-Navigator for ASHRAE 90.1 (LEED Energy) for automated credit assessments and reporting

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LEED® is a registered trademark and is owned by the U.S. Green Building Council. Please note that this app is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by USGBC.