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CMP Guide

Access the CMP Guide for additional information about LEED professional credential maintenance.

All LEED professionals are required to maintain and renew their credential every 2 years by earning and reporting continuing education (CE) hours within their 2-year cycle or reporting period. The reporting period starts when the credential is earned (based on the exam date) and ends 2 years minus 1 day from the start date. During the 2-year reporting period, a credential holder is responsible for earning and reporting their credential maintenance activities in their Credentials account. Once the required CE hours are met for the active reporting period, the LEED professional can proceed to renew their credential.

A LEED Green Associate must earn and report 15 continuing education hours during each 2-year reporting period, with at least 12 General CE hours and 3 Rating System-specific CE hours.

LEED APs with specialty must earn and report 30 continuing education hours during each 2-year reporting period, with at least 24 General CE hours and 6 Rating System-specific CE hours that are relevant to their specialty.

Continuing education hours can be earned through these activities: education, project experience, authorship and volunteering related to green building, health, wellness, resiliency, and the circular economy.

Please contact for any CMP questions or visit the CMP FAQs for additional information.

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Authored by: GBCI