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Market Impact

By 2015, an estimated 40-48% of new nonresidential construction by value will be green, equating to a $120-145 billion opportunity.

U.S. respondents to a 2012 international survey projected that 58% of their building activities in 2015 would be green.

Two billion square feet of building space are LEED-certified (as of June 2012).

The green building market included 2% of non-residential construction starts in 2005; 12% in 2008; and grew to 28%-35% in 2010.

The construction market accounts for 5.5% of the $14.7 trillion U.S. GDP . This includes all commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure construction.

With energy efficiency financing having the potential to soar from $20 to $150 billion annually, over one million jobs could be created.

Areas with the greatest proportion of green office buildings relative to the total stock of buildings in the market: Washington, DC; Oregon; Vermont; Washington; Colorado; Massachusetts; Maine; New Hampshire; Illinois; California.

LEED is referenced in project specifications for 71% of projects valued at $50 million and over.