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Autodesk Apps for LEED Automation

Automated Daylighting for LEED® - This new feature in Lighting Analysis for Revit performs extremely fast and physically accurate daylighting simulations in the cloud, delivering results for LEED IEQc8.1 2009 directly to your design environment. The service automatically generates the information you need for submission to the GBCI. Learn more here. Revit Credit Manager for LEED®: The Revit Credit Manager for LEED plug-in aims to automate LEED calculations, improve design decisions and streamline LEED submittals, right from within the design environment. Learn more here: Autodesk Sustainability Solutions -> Emerging Solutions -> Revit Credit Manager for LEED Life Cycle Assessments with Tally™: Developed by KT Innovations, an affiliate of KieranTimberlake, Tally calculates environmental impacts of building materials. Backed by data from PE International, this award winning Revit plug-in enables Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on demand that meets new requirements for LEED v4 and MR pilot credits. Learn more here. Green Stormwater Infrastructure: A plug-in for Autodesk InfraWorks, LID for Sites Beta offers the ability to sketch green roofs, bio swales, and other Low Impact Development techniques into your project to meet municipal stormwater requirements and LEED’s Sustainable Sites stormwater credits. Learn more here. Sustainable Infrastructure Development Analysis: Calculate the business case and triple bottom line impacts of your infrastructure design proposals with AutoCASE by Impact Infrastructure, LLC. AutoCASE enables project teams to easily compare alternatives, communicate project value, and earn LEED’s Innovation in Design points. Learn more here.

LEED® is a registered trademark and is owned by the U.S. Green Building Council. Please note that this app is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by USGBC.