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Issues: Spring 2018

9 articles

Streamlining for building code makes it easier to achieve green projects
Building professionals move toward a unified green code by streamlining and simplifying the code enigma.
Designing for human health is the next frontier in sustainable building
From workplace gardens to toxin-free materials, human health is the next frontier in sustainable design.
Saint Paul is on the cutting edge of decarbonization
District Energy provides communities with reliable and resilient heating and cooling while meeting green goals.
Educators use green building strategies to enhance K-12 curriculum
As global sustainability challenges become a concern across industries, K-12 educators are racing to incorporate green building concepts.
Mars tackles quality of life challenges for farmers in alignment with U.N. SDGs
Inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Mars works to improve the quality of life for its rice and cocoa farmers around the globe.
Energy-efficient homes dominate millennial real estate market
High-performance, energy-efficient homes are hot in the starter home marketplace.
Q&A: Emily Pilloton
Interview with Emily Pilloton, Founder and Executive Director, Project H Design/Girls Garage