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ADIDAS Stadium

Last certified on:
Certification level: Silver

Project info

Size540 sq m

ADIDAS Stadium is a retail project focused on encourage a healthier lifestyle to their customers by promoting equipment such as sportswear, footwear among others for physical exercise activities. Motivated by the desire to mitigate climate change and become a more sustainable business, ADIDAS Stadium was created; being the first retail store of ADIDAS brand to achieve the LEED Silver level certification in Mexico and Latin America region and also being the pioneer for future retail stores of the same brand to become certified.

ADIDAS Stadium most significant successes are the following:

The Integrative Process and the feasibility research on HVAC systems, electronic equipment, furniture, finishes, lighting and even possible locations of the project led to the best strategies to be applied, prior to the development of the project.

Thanks to this process, the final location of the project had a positive impact on location and transportation issues, confirming that the project is close to publicly available diverse uses such as restaurants, gyms, hospitals, theaters, parks. It also has several public transportation routes that are easily accessible to the project.

The high efficiency of HVAC system stands out, whose refrigerants are environmentally low impact and the proposed lighting system reduced lighting energy consumption by almost 46%. These strategies resulted in the overall project having an energy saving of 7% per year for Energy Efficiency.

A 45% saving of Water Consumption was achieved thanks to the selection of low-consumption fixtures, altogether with the treated water system that the base building owns.

Among other strategies, 80% of the furniture installed was reused-type. Implementation of Waste Management Plans during construction avoided 90% of waste generated from being sent to landfills.

Installation of dust matt-rolls, MERV filters on every system and the design of the HVAC system that avoids cross contamination in the project contemplated the best practices made within the Indoor Enviromental Quality strategies.

Finally, Innovation strategies like Cleaning Policies, the Indoor Biophilic Project and Comfort Surveys help to monitor and verify that occupants life standards were actually not affected primarily, and that corrective strategies can be implemented if they were required.

ADIDAS recognizes their corporate responsibility to enhance human quality and is constantly striving to improve their sustainable performance, not only focusing on their products but also on their employees, customers and physical stores too. It's expected this achievement to be the beginning of certifying future ADIDAS projects in Latin America.